Friday, December 14, 2012


Yea. I'm 100% lifeless!
Definition of "Lifeless" : Even YouTube videos/ movies/ dramas don't catch your interest anymore and have nothing else to do.

Ended my exam life in like......... 8 days ago
I should be partying running around NOT HOME for 24/7 like NOW zz

During the exam period, I've been watching YouTube videos.. many K-dramas..etc...
SLACKING around.. not studying properly because of those distractions. UGH.
I could die when the result is out!
I told my mom to prepare for the bad results due to stress and slacking, all she says is : Never mind.. you still have SUEC.


Went to school on 12/12/12 for society stuff
I was moaning moaning because of I'm so not prepared with the ingredients
then I'm so lucky to have an angel EMILYSYJ! :'D
she brought me EVERYTHING even she doesn't need to go actually!

Thanks to Emily and Junyi! my day wasn't that bad after all :D
They both actually doesn't have to attend!
Had so much chit-chat and slacking together too.. haha

They both have event after that.. but me? go home.
Junyi asked me where I've been since holiday..
I said NON. then her reaction was: 你酱喜欢跑来跑去的人居然在家?!

everyone was fully booked.. except for ME.
What can I do? BO BIAN MAHHH

my only outing is 20-21! with 2Lian'09!

Miss our form2 life so much!